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"I write books to order for myself and for others."

Authors are the experts. They know what they want to say. But when they need help saying it, they call on a writer like Marion. "It's called ghostwriting," she says, "and it's intense and demanding, but it's also exciting and rewarding."

Thanks to her background in book publishing, Marion can—and often does—do much more than just write the book. "I help develop a winning book proposal. You need this to sell the book to a publisher. I also bring a fresh perspective, add ideas, and, when needed, do supplementary research."

How can you tell if a ghostwriter is part of the picture? Look for the word "with." The name before "with" is the author. The name after "with" is the writer.


Rebel Without a Pause: Memoirs of a Canadian Maverick by John Crispo with Marion E. Raycheba, Warwick Publishing Inc., Spring 2002

The Living Workplace: Soul, Spirit and Success in the 21st Century by Ann Coombs with Marion E. Raycheba, HarperCollins Canada Ltd., Spring 2001

Cool Sport: Discover Winter Sports the Easy Way by Sharon Gibb and Marion E. Raycheba, Doubleday Canada Limited, 1988

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