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"Rebel Without a Pause"

Rebel Without a Pause: Memoirs of a Canadian Maverick by John Crispo with Marion E. Raycheba, Warwick Publishing Inc., Spring 2002, is the book Marion wrote for the late John Crispo. (John died on April 27, 2009, age 75.) An academic, labour economist, public policy observer, commentator, and articulate thorn in many sides, John, then Professor Emeritus and a born-again entrepreneur, recounted, assessed, and added details to this picture of a life lived fully in fascinating times. Included are many frank, uncensored anecdotes from friends and foes in government, the media, unions, corporations, and academe.


"The Living Workplace"

The Living Workplace: Soul, Spirit and Success in the 21st Century by Ann Coombs with Marion E. Raycheba, HarperCollins Canada Ltd., Spring 2001, is the book Marion wrote for Ann Coombs, noted Canadian futurist, speaker, and performance consultant. Harper's paperback edition was released in Canada in March 2002. The U.S. edition, published by Warwick Publishing Inc., was released the same month.


"Cool Sport"

Cool Sport: Discover Winter Sports the Easy Way by Sharon Gibb and Marion E. Raycheba, Doubleday Canada Limited, 1988, is the book Marion co-authored with Sharon Gibb, an expert in health education. Billed as a practical guide for parents, educators, and other community leaders, Cool Sport offered a unique, three-step discovery plan for trying 10 Olympic winter sports indoors, outdoors, and all year round. It is now out of print.

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