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What Clients Say

Marina Brasil

Marina Brasil
Manager, Client Services
Ontario College of Teachers

“Marion Raycheba is the kind of consultant you call when you have a crisis or a problem or have hit a brick wall. She has an uncanny ability to find out what the problem really is. She comes back with solutions acceptable to all parties, lays out the options, then implements. The bottom line? Marion makes you look good. Isn’t that what you hire a consultant for?

“Marion also has a talent for training. She pinpoints the training needs, the specific tools, and the educational methodology. She puts the trainee in through the bottom, builds on self-esteem and talents, and comes through at the top. She focusses on the skills needed to deal with the worst case scenario.”


Louise Couture

Louise Couture
National Manager, Private Health Care
Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

“I love working with Marion for many reasons.

“Marion’s dedication to the success of the project is complete. Her positive attitude towards work and her high work ethics are also remarkable. She takes a leadership role in providing inputs into the communication strategy, and she demonstrates an ability to suggest very creative approaches to telling our success stories in ways that will increase the value of the original communications plan.

“Marion’s ability to do research on complex issues like new products development in a pharmaceutical company is very impressive. Then she produces communications pieces that are dynamic, simple to understand, and fun to read.

“Marion is also just a very nice person who makes you enjoy every minute that you spend with her. Her warm personality has gained her access to people who are often difficult to see.

I enjoy every minute of our work together.”


John Crispo
Professor Emeritus, The Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

"Marion and I worked on my memoirs for the better part of a year. She impressed me from our first interview. We were supposed to decide whether we could work together but that couldn't happen until she had ascertained I was not quite the right-wing fascist she had heard I was. After we got over that hurdle, she agreed to try to humanize my work and we got right down to it.

"Marion wasn't exactly a slave driver, but she didn't waste any time getting me busy on things like finding dates I couldn't remember. The result of her efforts is an eminently more readable and, therefore, publishable volume.

"I am extremely grateful to Marion for her contributions to Rebel Without a Pause: Memoirs of a Canadian Maverick. They made my own efforts much more worthwhile."


Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis
President, Wildwood Communications

“Marion E. Raycheba, President, Choice Words International Inc., is a delight to work with. She is sensitive to her clients’ needs and can be relied upon to carry a project, or projects, through to a satisfactory conclusion. Her depth of experience in the business world and the communications field provides a positive and stabilizing influence when the job gets tough.

“Marion’s experience and professionalism are without doubt the reason why our projects have been so successful. And her sense of humour is a bonus that has helped to lighten many a long and busy day.”


Patrick Daly

Patrick Daly, FICB
E-Commerce Alliance Inc.

"From my previous business engagements in the financial services and telecommunications industries, I can say without reservation that I have enjoyed working with Marion.

"Marion is personable and helpful. She is pro-active and is an excellent coach who understands my business and information needs. When we meet for the initial briefing she asks the right questions, offers suggestions and alternatives, and gives guidance. She creates easy-to-understand informative and entertaining word pictures to explain complex and highly technical issues.

"I'm very pleased with Marion's approach and fast response to customer service. She's easy to talk to and easy to do business with. It's a pleasure to work with her."


Leslie Davidson

Lesley Davidson
Vice-President & General Manager
Metro-Central YMCA

“I’ve seen Marion in action both as a volunteer and as a communications professional, and I’ve worked with her in both roles, too. She is always 100 per cent reliable, tremendously well-organized, very intelligent, helpful, thoughtful, committed, customer-focussed, and service-oriented. She is a skilled presenter who comes well prepared. On top of all that, she is friendly and community-minded.”


 Joanne De Laurentiis

Joanne De Laurentiis
President & C.E.O.
Credit Union Central of Canada

“Marion Raycheba is an excellent writer, thorough, creative, and attentive to her clients. She ensures she understands what the client really wants and needs and then delivers on time.”


Jane DuBroy

Jane DuBroy
Producer, Director, Writer
Roy Productions Inc.

"I've had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Marion for a number of years, and I can honestly say I'm a better person for it. To me, she is the essence of grace, warmth, and professionalism. She's the kind of person I would love to see run for public office, and although she hasn't followed up on my suggestion, she does devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to volunteer work.

"I've been Marion's client and she's been my client, and at all times she's been completely professional, thoroughly prepared, and really, really good to work with. When Marion's on the case, you couldn't be on more solid ground. Give her a challenge to meet, and she'll surpass it. She makes problems go away, and she makes you look great in front of your clients. I very much look forward to my next project with Marion."


John Ellis
Executive Director
Alzheimer Association of Ontario

“When you meet Marion E. Raycheba, you can’t help but be impressed. I was. That was more than 20 years ago.

“I first knew Marion as a community-minded volunteer with the Epilepsy Association, Metro Toronto. It was obvious to all of us that she had the leadership qualities that quickly gained her a position on the Board of Directors. Again, her strength and commitment catapulted her to Board President in short order, where she remained for several years until her term was complete.

“The qualities that stood out then stand out today: reliability, a sense of humour, attention to detail, punctuality, initiative, a keen intellect, world interests, a passion for knowledge, and a vocabulary and understanding of the English language that is quite extraordinary. You do not want to challenge Marion to a game of Scrabble.

“Marion has been a delight to know and work with as a colleague and as a friend. Some might even say she’s an unforgettable ‘character’.”


Liz and Rod Nash
Partners, Nash & Nash Limited
Advertising and Design

“We worked with Marion on a sizable resource directory in English and French. She wrote the English version and handled the project management. She kept track of all the inevitable changes and updates from multiple sources—a potential minefield in this electronic age. Her disciplined and structured approach kept the project on track. Her cheerful professionalism and aplomb kept us all sane and enjoying the process.

“Marion is very deft with language, finding just the right turn of phrase and tone. At the book launch, her remarks were gracious and entertaining. I’d do it all again in a minute as along as Marion was there, too.”


Salman A. Nensi
Managing Director
The Omikron Group Inc.

“Marion is one of the most organized and professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She does what she promises, does it brilliantly, and delivers it on time. Could one ask for more from a colleague?”


Laurie H. Pawlitza, B.A., LL.B., LL.D. (Hon)
Partner, Torkin Manes LLP
Treasurer (President), 2010-2012, Law Society of Upper Canada
Chair, Federation of Law Societies of Canada Canadian Common Law Program Approval Committee
Ontario Representative, Federation of Law Societies of Canada Council
Executive, Council of the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association
Peer Recognized in L'Expert and Best Lawyers in Canada as a Specialist in Family Law

When I stood for election as a Bencher of The Law Society of Upper Canada, Marion helped me write my campaign statement. It's tough to write because of the conventions and expectations that come with the territory. But Marion has a talent for taking something dull and making it shine. Several people told me it was the best written piece they've ever seen in an LSUC Bencher Election Guide.

I like working with Marion because she listens carefully and asks the right questions. She understands the need to pitch to different audiences. She's respectful, even when I don't deserve it. She calms me when I'm anxious and gives me confidence that the deadline will be met. (It always is.) And she's fun, too. We enjoy whatever we're doing.


Pam Philp, Mary MacDonald (President), Linda Burnett, Cathy Comeau, and Janet Finlay
Directors, Community Advantage Rehabilitation Inc.

Marion works miracles. She has an excellent work ethic. She comes through very well within short time frames and tight deadlines. She has a superior ability to grasp the situation and provide innovative solutions. She is committed and enthusiastic. In fact, we agree, Marion is brilliant!”


Linda Routledge

Linda J. Routledge
Director, Consumer & Commercial Affairs
Canadian Bankers Association

“I’ve worked with Marion for many years on a wide range of communications projects. The most demanding was developing, producing, and distributing Access: Financial Facts, News, and Information. Throughout the nine years we collaborated on this educational newsletter, and throughout all the other projects, Marion was consistently well-organized, efficient, conscientious, creative, and reliable. She always gave a high level of service.

“Marion always acts in the best interests of the client. She is a true professional.”


Jack Steiner

Jack Steiner
Jack Steiner Graphic Design

“I worked with Marion in the Canadian book publishing industry before she started her own company. From the beginning, she was professional and good-humoured. In fact, those two words say almost everything about her as far as I’m concerned. She’s always been a pleasure to work with.

“I’ve always been impressed by Marion’s ability to synthesize pertinent information on projects and to keep things in focus. She’s very well-organized and fair to everyone involved. She keeps clients and suppliers apprised of issues and schedules. In fact, I use her memos as models for my client reports. She’s also very fair, prompt, and reliable in financial arrangements

“I always look forward to our meetings. They’re a treat. She brings an easy rapport. She’s always thoroughly prepared. There are never any questions about what we’re going to do or how or when.


Ian Sutton

Ian Sutton
Partner, Quasarts Inc. and The Caregiving Consortium

“Marion Raycheba is marvellous to work with. She grasps concepts immediately, is full of ideas, solution-driven, extremely well-organized, methodical, accessible, and business-like, yet cheerful. She has great networking skills, returns messages promptly, and runs very tight meetings. She has unimpeachable business ethics and a strong sense of social justice. And she is a loyal friend.

“If you really need to know more, I’m at or 905-668-6815.”


France Viau

France Viau
Certified Translator and Owner of Traduction France Viau

“Marion E. Raycheba is both a valued colleague and client for me. As a freelance translator of her texts for a publication issued by a common customer during almost nine years, I enjoyed her lively and witty style as well as her diligence in answering my questions. She even anticipated my queries by sending me background documents and information with her manuscripts!

“I also worked recently with Marion as a contract resource on another long-term project. There I got to know her ‘behind the scenes’ and saw how organized, hard-working, and service-minded she is for her customers. She always strives to offer the most and the best to her clientele.

Working with and for Marion is every translator’s dream. Her cheerful spirits and unflagging enthusiasm also make it a most pleasant personal experience.”


Jill Walters

Jill Walters
Partner, Quasarts Inc. and The Caregiving Consortium

“Marion Raycheba is part of what’s becoming a rare breed: someone you can count on. She never just says she’s going to do something; she does it and she does it well. Not to mention the fact that she gets it done in no time flat. No half measures, no false promises.

“Never at a loss for words, when Marion says something, she means it. Honest, supportive, and loyal. Qualities I not only admire but respect as well. And Marion has them in spades.

“In a nutshell, Marion is a formidable ally. So, when it comes to picking sides, I want Marion Raycheba on my team.”
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